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Our ecommerce websites are built to make the buying process as simple and enjoyable as possible for the user. That is why each of our clients see increases in traffic, sales, and repeat visitors.

Gratia Bath & Body

Govindam Flavours has a wide range of products for bath and body care. They wanted to start their online portal for selling these products to their clientele all across the country. Vdezine helped them setup a nice e-commerce website with latest technology of using a customized CMS using ASP.NET and Angular JS. The primary features of their website are:

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What the client say

I just wanted to say thank you for the efforts Vdezine put in designing our website. Mr. Vikas especially has been superb, creative and very efficient. Well done!!
Mr. Anuj Mishra (Owner, Gratia Bath and Body)



World Heritage

World Heritage is a startup with base in four North American states. They have physical stores to sell their heritage furniture but wanted to start an e-commerce portal for selling the antique furniture to expand their customer base. Vdezined and developed their e-commerce website to help them target their online customers.

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Kashvi Designs Pvt. Ltd

Kashvi Designs is an export firm with office and manufacturing facility in Delhi - NCR. They had ready buyers in US and Europe to which the wanted to showcase their product line of men and women apparels. They wanted a portfolio website through which they could showcase their product line and also sell them to individuals online.

* The website was modfied by the user and hence the online version is not our work now

What the client say

Vdesign has done very good work with very fast execution. My e-commerce website got completed in two months time. Great work and really helpful.
Mr. Alok Singh (Owner, Kashvi)



Ruthinium Dental Group

Ruthinium Dental Products is an Indian subsidiary of Ruthinium group, Italy. From past 8yrs. they have been selling their products through the offline channel but now had a demand from customers to sell them online. Vdezine created a custom CMS for making their e-commerce website.

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What the client say

Ruthinium website is developed by Vikas Kapoor. He did a great job for us during developing the website of Ruthinium. He interacted with us very well and his professional attitude for completing the work in given time frame is very much appreciable.
Mr. Ajay Singhal (Director, Ruthinium India)



Chinese Medicine Doctor Online

Dr. Stephen Fawcett is a doctor in Chinese medicine, practising in Melbourne (Australia) and wanted his clients to book their medicines online through his website. We gave him a simple and effective way of selling the medicines without any hassles.

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What the client say

Vikas created my website which was both attractive and very effective functionally. Vikas has always been forthcoming in making recommendations and suggesting additions which could be made as we went along. I would recommend his work and his ongoing customer service based on my experience with his work.
Dr. Steve W. Fawcett