Why Every Small Business Needs a Mobile Friendly Website?

Why every small business needs a mobile friendly website

Today everybody wants a responsive mobile friendly website for his/her business so that people can get details about his business online. There are millions and millions of websites which are already online and an equal number are getting online each year. With the advent of smart mobiles and tablets in the market each one of us started looking at these websites on these small devices.

People are now more comfortable in looking at the mobile websites, apps or tablets. They feel that when a smart phone can show them all details of a company within second on their phone then why they should wait for viewing the same thing when they are online in their home or office through a desktop or laptop. Ease is the norm these days for any online activity.

Now think of a scenario where your website is working well on a desktop/laptop but when it is viewed on a smaller device the person has a few complications to see the content like:

  1. He has to scroll left and right continuously to view the entire content of the web pages.
  2. The content in the pages is having videos or flash files which aren’t supported by smaller devices due to their operating systems limited functionalities.
  3. The text or navigation is so small on a mobile device that he cannot view properly and keep zooming in and out to look at the data.

In any of these scenarios, the user will look at your website for a few seconds and as soon as he encounters any of these issues, he will close your website and in turn start searching for your competitors’ website to find out what he is looking for. Will you ever want a customer who has walked in to your shop or showroom or may be your swanky office, just come in and leave in seconds only because your office didn’t have a good appeal or may be a bad reception or not a place to sit while waiting?? Making a customer look at your laptop only website is something similar to such a situation. No one has the patience and time to look at a website which doesn’t look good on mobiles or tablets.

Now comes the question of how to solve this issue for people who already have a website which looks OK on a desktop but has issues on a mobile? Or a person who straight away wants a mobile friendly website for his business today? Vdezine is one of the result driven company for Website Designing in Delhi NCR who caters to people in both categories equally well.

Vdezine has the right team who will design your website which is not only mobile friendly and comes neat on all small devices but adjusts itself properly on desktops, laptops and wide screen monitors too. This technology is known as “Responsive Website Designing” in market. Any website which RESPONDS well or adjusts itself to the screen size well is called a responsive website. We will give you the best technique available in the market called Bootstrap technology through which your website will become a standard responsive website and easily adjust itself to any sized mobile or tablet or a bigger device. The bootstrap technology which is an industry benchmark will make your website stand apart than other non-responsive websites available online.

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Designing your business website in a responsive manner and making it accessible by your target audience on their small devices will help you in the following manner:

  1. Every user can view all content of your responsive website on any device, big or small
  2. No audience gets missed in your online marketing campaigns.
  3. Google will always rank your website above other non-responsive websites in it’s search results.
  4. The bootstrap technology, which is the industry benchmark, makes your site lighter in size as compared to non-responsive websites and hence it gets downloaded on small devices faster and makes the user experience better.
  5. If your website is created in bootstrap technology, then any advancements in this technology are up-gradable and your site can also be updated on those standards on a periodic basis, if need be.

Clearly, you can see that getting a mobile friendly website or responsive website designing makes sense and not going for cheaper desktop only websites. You can contact Vdezine today and see how we can help you create a good looking responsive website which follows international designs and industry standards. We have already created dozens of mobile friendly responsive websites for startups and well established business in past two years and can help you too in making a responsive website for your organization. Our clients have appreciated us for the designs and the way we have made their responsive websites.

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