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Vdezine one of the customer-centric  Website Designing Company in Delhi with a rich clientele of more than 200 small and medium businesses and many startups.

We have not only managed to gather new clients on a regular basis but also maintained good relations with all the existing ones too. We are proud of working with each of them, irrespective of how big or small they are in their market. Working with each of them has been our pleasure and enjoyable in its own way. We have been able to retain maximum of them in so many years by providing them a very personalised and professional care in their projects.

What makes VDezine different from other Website Designing Companies in Delhi?

Let’s discuss few of VDezine Clients Relationships Case Studies which make it stand out of Competition from other Website Designing Company in Delhi.

Client Relationship Case 1:

Our each client is special for us, irrespective of how big or small their project has been for us. The best example of our client relation in recent time has been our esteemed client, Milas Production Inc, a Chicago based film production startup for whom we had to design a single page website. Ashima Kumar, who is the founder for Milas was a referential client for us in 2015. She was very impressed with our page design, the way we took care of her company status while designing the home page so that it doesn’t look obvious as a startup firm, and above all treating her small website as important as we could take a big business house’s website. The charges of Rs.2000 was also very reasonable for her when other vendors in Delhi/NCR were all there to grab a USA based non-IT background lady to take their services and they could take her for a ride. Vdezine, on the other hand, first educated her that if her target audience is US, she should always go for a responsive design. She posed faith in us to take care of the website as our own and we did the same. Her interest in writing articles, prompted us to install a blog for her where she got a platform to write as much as she wants to, that too in minutes. A customised blog design (matching her main website design) has now given her an easy way to communicate with her clients at her will. Our non-IT client has become a blogger in no time!! The way we have progressed in last year, our relation has grown from a client-vendor to a business alliance in one year. Milas is a business partner for Vdezine in chicago and we have started providing digital services to clients based out of Chicago.

Client Relationship Case 2:

How can we not name our most reliable and oldest clients: IACT and ISA Global with whom our client vendor journey started in 2003 when we started giving shape to their business startups, which they had launched. Positron services was our first project with them for which we were the freelance designers. Being an alumni of IIT Delhi, IIM Calcutta and MIT USA, they are not only well ahead of their peers in market but know how to build large businesses and scale them efficiently. In past 13 years our relations grew stronger and we came closer to each other in such a way that we now share the same office building in Noida where Vdezine all web and graphics for them on a daily basis. We have also been assigned the responsibility of providing all IT/Software related Project Management services for their companies by dealing with other freelancers used by them for various activities. All this happened only because we never treated their first website as a one off project and move on but wanted to build a long term relation, so that we get repeated business from them. Client satisfaction was our motto and it did wonders for us here. Today we all work as friends and the client vendor relation line has vanished!!

Client Relationship Case 3:

Another interesting case is of our esteemed client – Mr. Pradeep Solanki. Honestly, we don’t even remember how we came in touch with each other 5yrs. back but when we started their first website on Yoga, some inner connection got built up in such a positive manner that together we made 4 websites for their own yoga classes/ventures. Pradeep was so impressed by our personal attention approach that he referred us to his yoga students(2 sisters) in London, for whom we built a website in 2014 and are maintaining it for them till today. He also referred us to people in the famous Patanjali center in Haridwar for whom we created 3 websites and keep maintaining them. In total, there would have been 10 websites which we have designed through Pradeep ji for which we are grateful to him and would expect many more references in future too. Now the unbelievable part of this story; we have never met Mr. Pradeep in person, though we both have offices in Noida. Can you believe? At least we can’t!! But we give this case example to all of my clients who say that personal meeting is necessary for making a website. They insist to meet/see us for getting some personal comfort and that too in their own offices!! We strongly believe that in IT industry, distances are not at all a hindrance and technology is all what matters. A skype session can solve the same purpose what a personal meeting can do. Mr. Pradeep follows us this strategy and we salute him for it.

There are innumerable such case studies which we can share and give insights of how closely we work with our clients but that might perhaps become a book for you to read 🙂

You can read the client reviews which are a testimony to what we have explained so far. We are not yet another website designing company in Delhi who will treat you as yet another client but will treat your project in high esteem so that your website also becomes a jewel in our crown (portfolio).

Lets work together for your project too in the same fashion. We will give you a decent design, become your reliable design partner who will guide you honestly and walk you through the entire process like a cakewalk.

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